Which Weather Stripping Should You Choose?

Which Weather Stripping Should You Choose?

November 24, 2021 0 By admin

Did you know that sealing the gaps surrounding your windows and doors can help you save money and feel warmer? However, many people leave these gaps because they don’t know what type of sealer to use. Here are the most common materials you can choose from and their pros and cons. 

V Strip

V Strip is a form of weather stripping made from plastic or metal that comes in a v-shape. Most people use this on sliding or double-hung windows, while some homeowners also use it on the tops and sides of their doors. One of the best things about the V strip is that it is an easy DIY install for most homeowners. First, you cut the material to your desired length, then glue or nail it into place. 


Felt, whether reinforced with metal or plain, is sold in large rolls. While this is the cheapest option, it needs to be replaced regularly. These are most common around door and window sashes, although you can also see them in door jambs. Install is simple: you merely cut the felt to your desired length and staple or nail it into place. 

Foam Tape

This tape is prevalent among those with limited DIY skills because it comes with a peel-and-stick back. Plus, they come in various thicknesses so that you can get suitable size tape for irregular or huge cracks. These are most commonly used for window sashes, but they are also used around door frames. These have the most straightforward install because you only need to cut the tape to the right length, peel the plastic off the back, and stick it onto the desired surface. 

Rubber, Vinyl, and Silicone Tubes

Tube sealers are the most effective barriers and easy to work with because they come with a metal or wood mounting strip. That means they are easy to install and help maximize your energy efficiency. You would typically find them along the sides of doors and windows, although they can also be at the top and bottom of windows, the bottom of doors, and in a door jamb. These are a prevalent option because, like V strips, they only need to be glued or nailed into place. 

There are plenty of different options you can use to seal the gaps around your doors and windows. By following this guide, you can choose the perfect one for your DIY level and home.