How Fake Teeth Work

How Fake Teeth Work

June 30, 2021 0 By admin

Have you ever wondered how fake teeth work or are you looking for teeth bonding Park Slope? One of the most common ways to create a false set of teeth is through dental implants. Dental implants have grown in popularity over the last decade, and it is now an effective way to look like your natural teeth. Here is how fake teeth are made with dental implants.

Medical Examination

There are three steps to the entire process. The patient will discuss the need for a tooth implant and undergo a thorough medical exam. After the patient has passed all of the required medical tests, an initial consultation will be held with a dental surgeon. During this meeting, the surgeon will confirm that the patient is a good candidate for the tooth implant. Next, the surgeon will schedule a surgical procedure to insert the tooth implant.

The Surgical Procedure

The surgical procedure will require multiple appointments. The first post-op appointment will reveal if the tooth implant was properly installed during the first visit. If the tooth implant was successfully placed, another surgical visit will be necessary to insert the wires that will anchor the false tooth into the jaw bone. After the wire is inserted, the final post-op appointment will show if the jaw joint was successfully healed. Once healed, the patient can return home and wait to see if the new tooth appears the same as the real one.

One of the most popular materials for fake teeth is a composite material known as dental composite. This aggregate material consists of either porcelain or composite materials.  There are many companies that make tooth implants that are made from composite materials. These implants can be custom ordered to fit the patient’s mouth perfectly.

Bonding Process

The final step is the bonding process. This process involves painting the fake tooth on the surface of the tooth implant. The color of the paint is matched to the color of the implant to create an even look. Bonding the teeth can take several hours. Patients who have done their research on how fake teeth work can have an easy time with this step.

The Importance of Realistic Teeth

There are many advantages to having realistic-looking teeth. Patients who have realistic-looking teeth do not suffer from the embarrassment that people who have crooked teeth feel. It can be a social faux pas to walk around with crooked teeth because most people will judge you by your teeth.  Fake teeth can solve these problems and help patients get back their confidence.