Things to Consider When Choosing an Academic Regalia Rental

Things to Consider When Choosing an Academic Regalia Rental

August 31, 2022 0 By admin

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you choose an academic regalia rental company. Besides the cost, the styles and color options are important factors to consider. Another factor is the time it takes to deliver your regalia. If you are able to wait a few days, you should consider purchasing your regalia. An academic regalia rental company may charge a high price, but this is not the case with purchasing it.

Cost of renting academic regalia

Purchasing or renting academic regalia can be expensive, especially if you need a lot of it. Renting regalia limits your options. Purchasing your own regalia gives you more choices and control over the colors, pockets, styles, and more. You can also purchase several pieces of the regalia at once and save money in the process. It also makes the whole process more affordable because you can purchase it off-season.

If you want to wear regalia for several ceremonies, renting them can be a great solution. Rentals can be as low as $75 per day. But that can add up fast, especially if you’re attending several ceremonies. If you’re not planning on attending many ceremonies, consider renting academic regalia instead. Some universities no longer offer this option. While there is a low rental fee for a single ceremony, this may not be an option for you.


Academic regalia can vary greatly depending on location and rank. Generally, they consist of a formal gown with hood and bib, which may be open or closed, and headwear, including a hard mortarboard, tassel, and hat. Some universities require the wearer to wear hoods of various lengths, and students may wear stoles, scarves, or cords to symbolize their academic honor.

Most academics wear a cap, commonly referred to as a mortarboard. It is worn squarely on the head, parallel to the ground, or toward the back of the head. In addition to a cap, academic regalia typically has a silk tassel connected to the top, which hangs down one side of the face. The academic gown is usually worn in conjunction with the clerical garb.

The colors of academic regalia depend on the degree-granting institution and the student. Graduates wearing a Ph.D. should wear academic regalia that matches the school’s colors, while students with an Associate Degree should wear academic regalia that resembles the university’s colors. However, the colors of doctoral regalia may not match those of other degrees. If this is the case, students should consult with an administrative advisor for more information.

Cost of purchasing academic regalia

There are various costs associated with purchasing academic regalia. The University of Kentucky, for example, requires full academic regalia for its commencement ceremony, so it is important for degree candidates to purchase theirs before the ceremony. However, for doctoral students, you must order your regalia online. The cost of purchasing doctoral regalia varies, and here is a breakdown of all costs involved.

The cost of purchasing academic regalia varies significantly depending on the school. For example, a cap and gown for an undergraduate can cost $50, while doctoral regalia typically cost $1,000 or more. Graduation regalia for master’s degrees also include hoods, which are specific to a student’s major. While these cost ranges are low, they do vary widely. While there are programs in place to help students with financial constraints, the cost of purchasing academic regalia can be expensive.

Delivery time for academic regalia

Academic regalia rental is now available in some stores. During the first three months of the academic year, regalia rental is available at no additional cost. However, if you need a regalia extra before the specified time period, you will need to pay an extra fee. You can expect delivery time to range from three to four weeks. The rental price of doctoral regalia begins at $945. The regalia must be ordered by a certain date.

To rent academic regalia, simply visit your campus or Jostens’ website online. It is important to note that while the online ordering option is convenient, there are additional shipping costs involved. Consequently, it is recommended that you order regalia at least two weeks in advance. It’s important to note that custom announcements take about three weeks to be received. You may not be able to return a regalia that is six weeks old, but if it doesn’t fit you can send it back and get a new one.