How To Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

How To Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

June 2, 2021 0 By admin

If you are ready to take your grilling game up a notch, then it may be time to design an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens have evolved from one guy standing over a grill to a whole entertainment space where people can gather, eat and drink. With so many extravagant options, it may be hard to settle on what you want and what you need. Here are some key components that should be first and foremost in your design.

Use Durable Materials

Outdoor spaces need to be built with durable, weather-resistant materials. Kitchens are no different. Even if you decide to build a pavilion or roof above the area, countertops and appliances will be exposed to moisture, rust and pests. In addition, surfaces will likely have grease, spilled drinks and maybe chlorine to contend with. The materials you choose will take a beating, so think long and hard about what will work.

Flooring is especially important in outdoor kitchens. Poured concrete and paver patios West Palm Beach work best. Stay away from creating cooking areas over decks or grass. The foundation will not be stable or safe.

Create Zones

What are you going to do in the space? Do you want a full chef’s kitchen with multiple appliances? Then you need ample cooking and prep zones. You may even want a zone for plating and serving meals. Think about what you like to cook. Pizza ovens and smokers are often incorporated into outdoor kitchens. Each appliance should have ample space for people to safely cook and maneuver around.

Maybe you plan to grill a little but mostly make cocktails and hang out. Then you need an entertainment zone with a sink, bar, stools and a television. Create a specific zone for each activity so that everyone has a place to land. Nobody likes cooking in a crowded kitchen.

Add Storage

Ample storage is the difference between a good outdoor kitchen and a fantastic one. You will need just as many tools for this kitchen as the one inside your home. Don’t rely on lugging everything in and out of the house every time you plan to cook outside. Instead build lots of cabinets, bins and racks to hold your items. Metal cabinets are a popular choice because they can be covered in stone veneers to match countertops or pavers. Built-in trash cans and small refrigerators will make entertaining easier and keep guests from going inside your home.