3 Careers You Can Start Without An Undergraduate Degree

3 Careers You Can Start Without An Undergraduate Degree

June 29, 2021 0 By admin

If you have always wanted to start yourself off in a solid career, but held back because you didn’t want to go to college for four years or more, it’s important to know that there are several career choices you can make that can allow you to get started quickly. Learn more about some of the possible options that could work for you, and see how you can get into a decently paying career without spending a fortune in school.

1. Become a Bookkeeper

Working as a bookkeeper is a skill that will always be needed by all types of businesses. You can work for a small or large company, or even on your own. You’ll usually work typical 9-5 hours, because that is when most companies will need you. Most bookkeepers simply get by on a high school diploma, although getting certified through an organization, such as AIPB can help make a difference in how trustworthy you are and even help you land more work. 

2. Train To Become a Firefighter

If you have always wanted a career in a profession that helps people, working as a firefighter might be the best career path for you. Careers in firefighting typically require specific courses that train you how to help people during these emergency situations, what to look for when investigating a fire, and cleaning up after a fire. You can learn more about firefighter certification online and find out what is necessary in order to get started, but generally speaking, these classes are less than a year, allowing you to begin working quickly after graduation. 

3. Consider Working As a Dental Hygentist 

Getting into a career as a dental hygienist does require some college, but how much varies on your state. Some areas require an associate degree, and licensing is usually required for where you live. You’ll want to find a school that offers this type of program and discover what is required first. Generally speaking, there is plenty of room for growth and the pay often averages at $30 an hour or more depending on your education, skills, and experience. 

If you want to have a solid career but don’t want to spend a lot of money on student loans, there are plenty of career options out there that require two years or less of training. Think about what you would like to achieve and consider making one of these options your main career.