What To Do After a Storm’s Hit Your Home

What To Do After a Storm’s Hit Your Home

May 18, 2021 0 By admin

You have probably been up all night, listening for weather updates, securing windows and doors, keeping everyone safe. But, after the storm has passed, the stress is not over. Now, you need to assess the damage and start the clean-up process.

You may be tempted to get started right away, but this can be dangerous and unproductive. Wait until the sun comes up and utility crews have addressed any potential dangers before you investigate the condition of your property. There is not much you will be able to do in the middle of the night when businesses are closed. You will be no help to anyone if you get hurt. Once it is safe, take these steps to start repairing the damage.


If you have a lot of debris in your yard, then it is best to rent dumpsters for junk removal Cincinnati. This could be something your neighbors will want to chip in on. Start by looking up. Remove any branches that have fallen onto the roof or are hanging from the trees. Inspect trees for split trunks or broken tops. Call a tree service to address any standing trees that may have been damaged beyond repair. Toss trash and lawn debris into the dumpster. You may want to keep some of the wood to use for burning. Finally, trim any dead and broken stems from your plants.

Indoor Spaces

When you first walk around the inside of your home, take a lot of pictures. The pictures will likely be requested by your insurance company. Do not turn on the lights or use any appliances until you are sure there are no electrical hazards. Appliances that have gotten wet should not be used. Open all the doors and windows to dry everything out. If the neighborhood has electricity, then start turning on major appliances, like the HVAC, one at a time. Pay attention to any smells. If you smell gas or propane then leave immediately and call your utility company.

Home’s Exterior

Thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home for any damage. Look for shingles that have blown off the roof and any branches that may have punctured it. If there are large branches laying next to the home, then they may have hit the roof on the way down. Remove any broken glass from windows and storm doors. If you boarded up your windows, then fill the nail holes left with caulk. Check your home’s siding for any dents or missing sections. Take pictures of everything and keep a list of repairs.