Valuable Car Parts That Can Be Sold for Scrap

Valuable Car Parts That Can Be Sold for Scrap

September 30, 2021 0 By admin

When a car is old or wrecked and can no longer be driven, its parts might be sold off separately. In some cases, auto repair shops and car owners might be interested in buying used parts and reusing them. Furthermore, some car parts contain expensive materials that metal recyclers and scrapyards may purchase at a high price. If you have a car ready for the wrecking yard, you may want to sell these valuable car parts separately. Here are five car parts that you can sell for a high price individually or as scrap.

The transmission is one of the most expensive components under a car’s hood, and replacing a faulty transmission can be a very costly repair. As a result, many car owners will seek a used transmission to save some money. You can sell your transmission if it’s still running. If not, the aluminum in it can be sold as scrap metal.

GPS Equipment
Modern cars contain a lot of valuable electronic components that be reused or scrapped. In particular, GPS navigator parts can be sold to other car owners in need of a replacement or sent to a metal recycler as electronic scrap. The touchscreens and electronic components alike can retain a lot of value.

Catalytic Converter
Catalytic converters contain precious metals like platinum, rhodium and palladium. These materials are very expensive, making the catalytic converter one of the most valuable car parts that can be sold separately. Even if the part no longer functions, the rare metals can still bring in a high price as catalytic converter scrap.

Audio System
If your car still has a function audio system that is high quality, its part can be sold to be reused. This is especially true if you have upgraded the stereo or speakers to aftermarket products because many different cars can use those parts. Some electronic components in the audio system may be sold as scrap too.

Aluminum Rims
Often overlooked by car owners, the aluminum rims on your car could bring in a reasonable price at a metal recycler or scrapyard. This is because aluminum is valuable as scrap metal. A typical rim contains around 25 pounds of metal, and each car has four rims, which means the price can add up.

If you’re planning on selling a used car, familiarize yourself with the value of the individual components so you can evaluate whether selling the parts as separate components is worth it.