Top 4 Most Effective Home Defense Strategies

Top 4 Most Effective Home Defense Strategies

August 21, 2021 0 By admin

Nothing is more important than protecting yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of a disastrous and potentially deadly home invasion. Crime never takes a holiday, so it’s more important than ever to create and implement a master plan in the event of a break-in. Use the list below for tips on 4 of the most effective home defense strategies and latest technologies to keep your family as safe and secure as possible. 

Have a Plan In Place for a Worst Case Scenario

A pre-practice escape plan is crucial for reducing panic levels in the event of a home invasion. Alerting the family with a code word such as INTRUDER will allow everybody to spring into action and carry out the escape plan as needed. Perhaps designating a specific hiding area while calling for help if fleeing the home is not possible. Everyone should have a particular role to play in helping secure the safety of all while waiting for the first responders to arrive. 

A Firearm as Your First Defense

A handgun that’s used solely for home defense is quite commonly a 9mm caliber firearm. The 9mm provides the power necessary to stop an intruder. Many experts consider hollow point ammunition a safer option because when it hits the target, it won’t penetrate nearby walls, possibly endangering others. You’re sure to find pistol ammo for sale for 9mm for sale at certain sporting goods stores, gun ranges, and pawn-shop locations near you. Some individuals may prefer a different type of firearm, such as a rifle. Often the very sound of a shotgun being engaged is enough to scare away the intruders. Whatever your preferred kind of weapon, it’s imperative you’ve practiced with it enough that you’re completely comfortable using it should a dangerous situation occur.     

Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

Technological advances in home security systems allow almost anyone the opportunity to monitor their home or property 24/7. All it takes is a dependable internet connection, cell phone service and, a modest investment for the camera(s) and any other equipment or service linked to the security system.

A Dog

Our canine companions do more than love us unconditionally; they provide a level of protection not found anywhere else. A barking dog has proven to deter criminals when determining which home to hit or pass by. 

All situations are different but feeling secure and in control of your family’s safety has never been easier or more manageable than it is today.