Preparing Your Commercial Property for Winter

Preparing Your Commercial Property for Winter

March 4, 2022 0 By admin

As the year winds down you probably have many projects you are wrapping up. One important task you shouldn’t overlook is preparing your commercial property for winter. Taking a few steps now can help your business transition with the seasons smoothly and protect your structure.

Assess Structural Integrity

A good first step to preparing your commercial building for winter is to assess the overall structure of the building. You should look for any weak spots in the roof that may be vulnerable to snow and water. Now may also be the time to install a snow roof system, which can alert you to dangerous snowpack levels on your roof in the case of heavy snow. You should check the outside of the building for low spots that may become problem ice spots later in the winter. Additionally, you should examine the doors and windows and check for any places that don’t seal properly. This will help you save on energy costs once the temperature cools off.

Stock Up on Supplies

If your building has pavement like a parking lot or sidewalks, you should make a plan for snow removal. You may want to stock up on ice melt and sturdy shovels that will last the winter. If you don’t want to deal with snow removal directly, you can outsource the labor to a professional crew. Now is a great time to research and choose a snow removal solution. Planning for the snow early will help you be prepared when the first flakes begin to fall.

Check Heating System

Another essential step in winterizing your business is your annual furnace inspection. You will want to find out if there are any issues with your heating system long before the temperatures drop below freezing. This will give you ample time to fix the problems before the heat is in high demand. Whether you have central air, radiant heaters, or another type of heat system, it’s important to service it regularly. Structure fires are most often caused by indoor heating, so adding an annual inspection to your winter to-do list can help prevent fires in your commercial building.

These key steps can help you get your commercial property ready for whatever winter throws your way. Preparing early can help you ensure the safety of your employees, the structural integrity of your building, and that your business can run smoothly despite the change in seasons.