Options for Elder Care

Options for Elder Care

March 13, 2021 0 By admin

Assisted Living

Seniors who live in an assisted living community generally need help with meal preparation or bathing or transportation or some other important aspect of their life. They may or may not have memory issues. In general, seniors who live in this type of housing need a health care professional for some but not all their needs.

Full Care

Nursing homes provide 24-hour total care of your loved one. The health care professionals provide on-site medical care and monitor the client’s medication and meals. Most nursing homes also offer some type of social activities like birthday parties or a games night.

Choosing the best elder care option should be based on your senior’s needs, wants, mobility, and finances. Many seniors begin in one living arrangement, but as they age, they move to another. Knowing the options will help you help them make the best decision.