How To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

How To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

November 28, 2021 0 By admin

There are many things you must do for your home to prepare for the cold weather. Accomplishing these tasks protects your family, keeps everyone within the structure warm, and can drop the cost of your utility bills. Here are a few ways to prepare your house for the winter months. 

Inspect Your Heating System

Before the cold weather arrives, schedule an appointment to have an expert evaluate your furnace. Ask that they change the hvac air filters richmond and clean the ducts. If your system is older, you might need to have the entire unit replaced with a new one. If you feel it is time to get a new one, request a quote from several companies and choose which one fits best in your budget. This is also a good time to have someone take a look at your fireplace as well to ensure that it is not leaking smoke and carbon monoxide into your home. Check your detectors and other alarms to ensure that they work properly if there is an emergency. Maintaining this equipment will prevent it from breaking down when the temperature turns frigid. 

Protect Your Pipes

Shut off your outdoor sprinklers and drain all the water from all sources that might contain it in your yard. You should wrap any exposed pipes in insulation or heating tape so that the liquid inside is less likely to freeze. This can damage the equipment, which will then cause issues for your home or property. Look for leaks in your plumbing inside. If you find any, call a plumber to repair them before the cold hits. Having a reliable system inside your house may minimize trouble if you do have something break outside. 

Clear Your Gutters

When water is backed up in your gutter and freezes during the winter, it can do damage to your roof. This can then cause water to leak inside your house and ruin your walls and ceiling. Before the snow falls, take a ladder and climb up to the top of your house. Clear out any leaves and twigs that you find there. You will want to wear a pair of work gloves to do this. Have a garbage bag nearby to dispose of what you find. This is also a good time to trim back any tree limbs that might be scraping your shingles or siding. This too can cause problems for your structure which cold weather will make worse. It will also lessen the amount of debris that will clog your downspouts.