Benefits of Having a Workman’s Compensation Lawyer

Benefits of Having a Workman’s Compensation Lawyer

October 20, 2021 0 By admin

The first thing to know about filing for a workman’s compensation claim can be difficult. You will likely face opposition from the insurance company of your employer, who may try to convince you that you do not need workmans comp lawyers on your side.

Here are reasons you might need a workman’s compensation lawyer on your side:

· You Are Not Sure What to Do with Your Claim-Many people who file for workman’s compensation do not know how the process works or where to start filing for benefits. This is where a workman’s compensation lawyer comes in handy! They can walk you through the process and help you file all of the paperwork correctly.

· Your Employer Lies to You –Sometimes, the insurance company representing your employer will try to convince you that there is nothing wrong with your claim or tell you outright lies about the laws of workman’s compensation. A workman’s compensation lawyer can help debunk these lies and get you moving toward a successful claim.

· Insurance Companies Hire Doctors to Misdiagnose Injuries -You have a work injury, but your employer’s insurance company has hired a doctor who claims that your injury is only temporary. Workmans comp lawyers know how independent medical exams are conducted and the signs to look for when an insurance company tries to mislead you about their hired doctors.

· Your Claim Has Mysteriously Disappeared –This is the time when things get frustrating. You send in your claim paperwork, hear nothing back for months, and then suddenly receive notice that your claim was denied. After sending letters pleading with the insurance company to let you know what they are denying, you get nowhere. An experienced workman’s compensation lawyer knows all of the tricks insurance companies play with someone who files for workman’s compensation and will fight to get their claim reinstated.

· You Have Been Denied Medical Treatment Following Your Injury –This is another frustrating part of the workman’s compensation claim process. After filing your claim, you are still in pain or have suffered a permanent injury. You reach out to your employer’s insurance company for medical treatment and find that they deny your doctor’s visit requests. A good workman’s compensation lawyer knows how to use the laws governing doctor-patient relationships to get you the medical treatment you need to heal properly.

· The Insurance Company Wants All of Your past Medical Records -This can be a difficult request if you do not keep copies of your doctor’s visits, x-rays, and tests. Your employer’s insurance company knows this and is purposely asking for this information to stall your claim. A good workman’s compensation lawyer will know how to request all of the information you need from your past medical providers and submit it quickly to keep your claim moving toward a resolution.

· The Insurance Company Is Asking for All of Your past Job History -To determine the amount of money they will pay you as compensation for your work-related injury, the insurance company will ask for copies of all of your job applications and resumes. They hope that by getting their hands on this information, they can find ways to deny more serious claims or convince you that your claim is not valid. A good workman’s compensation lawyer knows how to fight this kind of tactic and will ensure that all of your claims are taken seriously.

There is no doubt that job-related injuries can complicate a victim’s life to the extent that they cannot fend for themselves. In such a scenario, it is crucial to seek the help of a workman’s compensation lawyer. This is only to ensure that you get the much-needed legal representation.