7 Common Types of Cranes

7 Common Types of Cranes

August 21, 2021 0 By admin

Cranes are such a regular sight in any urban landscape that it is easy to drive right past without a second thought to the complexity and diversity of these machines. There are many types of cranes designed to operate in specialized environments.

There are two types of cranes: fixed and moving. Fixed cranes are constructed in one place stay there through their working life. Moving cranes are mounted on a chassis and can be driven to different locations. Cranes are heavy-duty, tough equipment but if something goes wrong, it is sometimes necessary to call for crane repairs Chattanooga

Fixed Cranes

Fixed cranes are used in factories and loading docks and come in the following types:

  • Tower Cranes – These are the tall, angular cranes that you often see on building construction sites. Their advantage is height and the ability to lift very heavy objects. Tower cranes are temporary and are constructed as the project goes along.
  • Telescoping Cranes – These machines have a hydraulic arm that can be lengthened or shortened, depending upon what needs to be picked up. 
  • Gantry or Overhead Cranes – There are two basic types of overhead cranes: gantries and jibs. Gantries are supported by legs and are often found at seaports where they are used to load and unload ships. Jibs are fixed to the ceiling of a warehouse or factory and used to move items from one area to another along a set path. 
  • Hammerhead Cranes – These are the types most often used at construction sites. They have an overhead frame supported by legs. The arm can move forward horizontally or vertically, as well as up and down.

Moving Cranes

Moving cranes are designed to travel from place to place when they are needed. Some types of moving cranes are as follows:

  • Cranes for Rough Terrain – These cranes often have continuous tracks and are designed to tackle difficult topography like off-road, undeveloped areas. Some rough terrain models have large wheels with aggressive tires and four-wheel drive.
  • Deck-Style Cranes – These are a common moving variety and come in various sizes. They feature a flat deck and an arm for picking up materials. 
  • Floating Cranes – Floating cranes are designed to be used on water and are commonly seen in bridge construction.

Cranes are fascinating machines that allow people to move heavy objects from one place to another. Without cranes, modern construction methods would be impossible. Give a nod of thanks the next time you see a crane at work.