5 Tools to Counter Domestic Violence

5 Tools to Counter Domestic Violence

July 16, 2021 0 By admin

Domestic violence is a silent, brutal reality. Every year, one in four women and one in nine men is a victim of this highly prevalent abuse. From a legal standpoint, prosecuting domestic violence is problematic for several reasons. Often victims refuse to press charges and often perpetrators ignore court orders. From a mental health standpoint, treatment is difficult as well. If court ordered, perpetrators are often highly resistant to investing themselves in treatment. Difficult as ending the epidemic of in-home partner abuse may be, it is still essential to use the best ideas we have to combat this problem. Below are five tools that have proven their worth over the years in combating this scourge.


Domestic violence perpetrators, as is widely known, typically come from childhood backgrounds where such violence was accepted. Teaching perpetrators alternative ways to relate in many cases has proven surprisingly effective. Beyond brick-and-mortar classrooms, one particularly useful tool is court approved domestic violence classes online. This type of educational instrument presents the clear, meaningful reality about domestic violence to the abuser and the victim while allowing individuals the freedom to deal personally with the material and proceed at their own pace.


There are numerous tools and scales available that allow counselors, peace officers, judges and other authorities to evaluate the level of danger to those living in at-risk settings. Many of these evaluation tools are simple and straightforward enough to be used by a layperson. The key feature of these tools is the ability they render to determine if immediate domestic intervention is necessary.

Professional Help for Domestic Violence Victims

There are a host of confused ideas domestic violence victims often possess about their situations. Many blame themselves. Many believe their partners’ promises that the abuse will cease. Many simply cope and cover up the abuse. Few recognize the urgency of making swift, dramatic changes. Dedicated victim counselors bring these truths to light.

Professional Help for Domestic Violence Perpetrators

There are dedicated, accomplished professionals who work specifically with abuse perpetrators. Typically progress is best made when the threat of legal punishment is real. The cherished goal of these counselors is to help the abuser experience victim empathy.

Safe House

A well-regulated, secure domestic abuse shelter is a must for every community. It is a safety net for victims and their children when all other efforts have not accomplished the goal of defusing the rage ritual of the domestic abuser.