5 Steps To Prepare for Your Upcoming Surgery

5 Steps To Prepare for Your Upcoming Surgery

April 23, 2021 0 By admin

No one loves the news that they will need surgery. However, by understanding the procedure and costs in advance you may avoid some of the stress. Here are five steps to consider as you prepare for your upcoming surgery.

1. Keep Track of Any Symptoms

If you are having unusual symptoms, write down the date and details. It helps when you meet with medical staff if you can clearly state what has been happening. Your doctor may determine what further tests you need based on the symptoms you describe. 

2. Review Test Results

You may be able to access your test results online. Look at any x-rays or reports that have been posted. Otherwise, discuss these with your doctor at an appointment or over the phone. If your case isn’t clear cut, you may want to get a second opinion or wait until it becomes more evident. 

3. Ask Questions

Before you meet with your surgeon, have a list of questions to ask. You may be wondering how long your recovery will be, how much pain you might experience or if there are other options. It really does help to carry a notebook with your written questions where you can also record the answers you receive. You can refer to it later and will be happy to have it. Don’t hesitate to take as long as needed to get all the answers. Remember, your doctor is working for you!

4. Understand Fees

Costs of a surgical procedure may include surgeon’s fees, hospital stay, medications, and other costs. They can really add up, and you don’t want to be surprised. Does the medical facility have a system to give you an estimate of what your patient portion will be? If they have recently had chargemaster consulting with their business specialists, then you should be able to receive your out-of-pocket expenses in advance. Most medical facilities can work out a payment plan if needed.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Get the rest you need before and after surgery. Healing takes time and if you try to rush the process, there may be complications. So clear your schedule and plan to take it easy for a while. You also need to get the best nourishment possible as you recover. Making healthy food choices will allow your body to recuperate as best as it can. Be sure to ask friends and family for help.

By understanding the symptoms, test results, procedure and costs of your surgery, you can be better prepared. Best of luck and get better soon!