4 Ways To Customize Your Car on a Budget

4 Ways To Customize Your Car on a Budget

March 24, 2021 0 By admin

After spending thousands of dollars on a car, the last thing you want is to look like everyone else on the road. If you bought a popular car, then you may be thinking of ways to set yours apart. Here are some inexpensive modifications that you can do to make your car reflect your personality.

Window Tinting

Window tinting Virginia is a great way to upgrade the style of your vehicle. Tinted windows look sleek and custom. Window tinting has the added bonus of keeping the inside of your car cooler and protecting the seats and dashboard from fading. Each state has different laws concerning where you can put car tint and how dark it can be. This is for safety reasons. There are many different types of car tint, including dyed tint, metalized tint and hybrid tint.


There are tons of inexpensive products that can light up the inside and outside of your car whatever color you choose. Some of these products may get the wrong kind of attention from the police, so check out the laws in your state before you make changes to the exterior lighting on your car. HID and LED headlights can replace old stock halogen bulbs. These not only look sharp, but they will help you see better in the dark. Flexible LED stripping can be installed into the interior of your car along the floor or door. These kits are made to integrate into the vehicle and are very easy to install.

Control Systems

The steering wheel, floor peddles and shifter knob all help you control a vehicle. They are the tools that you touch every time you get into your car, so why not give them an upgrade? You can feel like a racecar driver by replacing your foot pedals with racing-inspired ones made of billet aluminum. Shifter knobs can be replaced with a variety of tops that range from sporty to spectacular. Steering wheel covers are reasonably priced and come in any color and print you can imagine. For a major upgrade, you can replace the stock wheel with an aftermarket version. However, this can get expensive depending on your car model.

Rear Spoiler

Drastically change the look of your car by adding a rear spoiler. This is a cheap way to make a big impact. Spoilers can go as big and outrageous as you want, or add a subtle custom flair to the rear of the vehicle. Spoilers also serve a useful purpose by disrupting airflow over your car as you drive, preventing lift of the backend.