3 Ways Radio Technology Is Still Used

3 Ways Radio Technology Is Still Used

March 31, 2021 0 By admin

Radio technology is all around you. It’s in your car when you listen to music and used when you need to talk to someone via walkie talkie. Radio technology has been around since the early 1900s. As long as its been around, it continues to improve and is still widely used. Here are three ways radio technology is still used.


Microwaves are an electromagnetic radiation. You can use them many different things. Wireless networks, radar, satellite, spacecraft communication and more use microwaves. These signals generally need to be divided using RF power dividers or microwave power dividers.

Another way that people use microwaves is with cooking. Microwave ovens use radio waves. The electromagnetic wavelengths occur at 2.4GHz and causes water molecules to vibrate. As they vibrate, they heat up.

Internet Radio

Many people continue to use radio technology to listen to the radio. Internet radio has become even more popular over the last decade. While it began in the 1990s, it gained more traction later. Internet radio listeners still have to tune into a broadcast to hear the program. The big difference between internet radio and traditional radio is that there are no geographical limits. You can listen to the radio from anywhere.

You can also listen to internet radio from multiple different devices. You are not bound to the traditional radio.


Did you know that GPS uses radio technology? There are about 27 to 32 global positioning system satellites that orbit Earth. The GPS provides the exact time of the week and week number according to its atomic clock. GPS essentially knows your location based on which satellite is closest to that person at any given time.

Radio technology is not new by any means, but it is always continuing to develop. Radio technology is used in every day life, even when you don’t notice it.